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"You are not broken.  You are breaking through"

Alex Myles

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I believe that each individual can meet their needs in order to reach true fulfillment and success. Individual therapy is a tool that can be used to help people build upon their innate strengths, improve their reactions to stressful situations, set and reach their goals, and improve their relationships. Despite external factors, such as financial struggles, interpersonal problems, relationship challenges, traumatic events, etc., individual therapy can help cope with difficult circumstances in life. 

Specific topics and experiences that I can assist with include but are not limited to addressing depression and anxiety, reducing symptoms associated with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and other traumatic stress reactions, improving relationships, decreasing aggression, reducing behavioral problems within the home and school settings, and goal setting. 

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2216 S. Miami Blvd., Suite 102 Durham, NC 27703

(919) 443-5076

(919) 794-6942

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